Source3 identifies the trademark and copyright in any product available online, including properties associated with film and tv, corporations, automotive, gaming, toys, music, sports, fashion and celebrities. We have compiled a comprehensive database of high-value intellectual property underlying the $260B global licensing industry. Source3 helps brands and marketplaces monitor, manage and monetize licensable IP through services like IP recognition. 

IP Recognition and Licensing (IPR)

IP Recognition
  • Data and image matching identifies 3rd party IP in products and media
  • Extensive, granular data for majority of IP licensed for products and media
Scaled Licensing
  • Tools to connect marketplaces and thousands of brands for licensing and product authorization
  • In-house team of licensing experts for support and campaign management
Rights Management Infrastructure
  • Systems to manage complex licenses and businesses
  • Full service royalty reporting and payment administration

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Artwork created by Michelle Coffee.
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