From handmade products to videos to 3D printing, creators, makers and sellers are reinventing commerce and consumption. At YouTube, we saw firsthand the commercial and creative power of makers harnessing third-party IP and now we see a similar user-generated product explosion coming in the world of physical and digital goods.

We are proud to say we have created the world’s first platform for end-to-end management of intellectual property in user-generated content (UGC). Through IP Recognition (IPR), powered by a deep data set containing granular property-level information,  Source3 can monitor and manage third-party IP and proactively establish licensing relationships with brands. We also provide a range of scalable licensing tools, supported by a team of licensing veterans, to manage the licensing process from negotiation to real-time approvals to royalty reporting.

IP Recognition and Licensing (IPR)

IP Recognition
  • Data and image matching identifies 3rd party IP in products and media
  • Extensive, granular data for majority of IP licensed for products and media
Scaled Licensing
  • Tools to connect marketplaces and thousands of brands for licensing and product authorization
  • In-house team of licensing experts for support and campaign management
Rights Management Infrastructure
  • Systems to manage complex licenses and businesses
  • Full service royalty reporting and payment administration

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