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 When UGC goes to Washington

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 Who Owns The Future of Design?

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Data Insights

User-generated products reveal valuable information about how fans interact with, and consume, brand intellectual property. Source3 identifies, catalogs and analyzes brand IP in fan products across marketplaces, categories, and territories. We do all the of the work, delivering data insights to support any business strategy with no set-up or lengthy integration.


Content Recognition

Source3 can identify brand IP in any product for sale online. From obvious (corporate logos) to granular (blasters + light sabers), we provide actionable intelligence for brands, marketplaces, retailers and makers. Our proprietary combination of image-recognition, data-matching and QA is fast, inexpensive and highly accurate.

IP Mapping

Source3 has cataloged and connected the brand IP upon which the consumer product licensing industry is based. Brand properties are organized by owner, franchise and industry vertical, providing for easy navigation and robust inter- and intra-brand linkages. This granular database powers Source3’s IP recognition and data insights engine and provides the data set for machine learning improvements in automated visual recognition.

Why Source3?


We are proud to say we have created the world’s first platform for end-to-end management of intellectual property used online coming in the world of physical and digital goods. Through IP Recognition (IPR), powered by a deep data set containing granular property-level information,  Source3 can monitor and manage third-party IP and proactively establish licensing relationships with brands. We also provide a range of scalable licensing tools, supported by a team of licensing veterans, to manage the licensing process from negotiation to real-time approvals to royalty reporting.

IP Recognition

Source3 identifies 3rd party IP in UGC products through recognition technology powered by our extensive IP database.

Number of Properties

Number of Licensors


Coverage of Licensing World

Learn how we define and map our data.

Our database is comprised of multiple data points that we define and organize to provide intelligence and insight into brand IP.

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6 featured logos

6 featured mobile logos

When UGC Goes to Washington

What is it with hats- user-generated hats, to be exact- and this election cycle? Here at Source3, we noticed two significant trends in headgear: the famed “Pussyhat” and the now iconic “Make America Great” cap from the Trump campaign. Let’s discuss,...
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Who Owns The Future Of Design?

(This article was co-written by Marcus Moore and Janki Gause.) On February 24, 2017, Source3 was invited to join A/D/O Designer-in-Residence and industrial designer, Stephen Burks with Ginvile Ramanauskite from 3D design platform CGTtrader in a panel discussion. The...
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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Follow-Up

Currently on its fourth week at the Box Office, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is estimated to gross over $470m in domestic ticket sales alone. Needless to say, the latest installment of the beloved Star Wars franchise is a massive hit amongst movie goers. Last month,...
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