When UGC Goes to Washington

What is it with hats- user-generated hats, to be exact- and this election cycle? Here at Source3, we noticed two significant trends in headgear: the famed “Pussyhat” and the now iconic “Make America Great” cap from the Trump campaign. Let’s discuss, then, what happens when user-generated content (UGC) goes to Washington. On January 21st, 2017,… Read More

Who Owns The Future Of Design?

(This article was co-written by Marcus Moore and Janki Gause.) On February 24, 2017, Source3 was invited to join A/D/O Designer-in-Residence and industrial designer, Stephen Burks with Ginvile Ramanauskite from 3D design platform CGTtrader in a panel discussion. The discussion took place at A/D/O, a BMW MINI sponsored creative space located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn dedicated… Read More

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Follow-Up

Currently on its fourth week at the Box Office, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is estimated to gross over $470m in domestic ticket sales alone. Needless to say, the latest installment of the beloved Star Wars franchise is a massive hit amongst movie goers. Last month, the Source3 data team looked at how the… Read More

Rogue One and its impact on User-Generated Products

Reminder: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Source3 team explored Star Wars’ ownership history and discovered some amazing Star Wars fan-made goods. With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story making its theatrical debut this week, let’s take a novel approach to “reviewing” the movie. Below, we predict which characters will generate… Read More

Recognizing Branded IP In Online Marketplaces: A New Offering From Source3

The world is full of creative uses of branded IP. We set out to recognize, organize, and analyze them. There is a vast and fast expanding market in products created not by established brands or their licensees, but by individual sellers and makers.  The exploding handmade/craft market is the most obvious genre of these products… Read More

User-Generated Content Creates Value for Brands and Content Owners

User-Generated Content (UGC) often acts as social and cultural currency that reflects a loyal fan community and may provide valuable information to brands. Economists have long embraced the Pareto Principle which states that 80% of spending is made by 20% of the consumers. Thus, implying that a brand makes most of their revenue through a devoted… Read More

CTA (formerly CES) Interviews Patrick Sullivan for their Faces Of Innovation!

Source3 are proud members of the Consumer Technology Association and are also very active on the 3D Printing Working Group with other industry leaders such as Autodesk, HP, Formlabs and more. In fact, we will be on stage at the 3D Printing Expo Day policy panel discussion on September 14th at the CTA Innovation House…. Read More

Source3 is bringing South Park to 3D Printing!

ATTENTION South Park super fans, technophiles and collectible geeks – For the first time, you will be able to purchase some of your favorite South Park characters previously unavailable in physical form. Source3 has launched a collector-inspired line of South Park characters presented in full-color 3D prints,  featuring year-round introductions of new and old characters…. Read More

Summers At Source3

In June, Source3 welcomed Ali, Maliha, and Austin to our team. During their time at Source3, they truly became integral members of our team. Whether researching, attending meetings, or taking office field trips to Grand Central Station, our summer interns received a crash course in the Source3 lifestyle. Sadly, as the summer comes to an… Read More

Data Nerds: The New Cool Kids

Data can mean very different things to different companies. Analyzing data may seem dry, but at Source3 data analysis of unique user-created products can find unexpected trends in intellectual property. Thankfully, our very own Andres Palmiter, Director of Operations at Source3, and former Creative Strategist at Youtube, is here to shed some light on the… Read More