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Source3 Brand Insights deliver filtered and actionable data about brand IP usage across user-uploaded product marketplaces.  Using proprietary IP Recognition, we identify brand intellectual property in user-generated products in all categories. Whatever the brand strategy – brand protection, product ideation, consumer insights, fan engagement, licensing, monetization – Brand Insights empowers brands.

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Top Categories


Distinguish With Confidence

Fan Art
Off Brand
Logo Matching

User-generated products provide insights into consumer preferences and connections via the vast Maker community.


UGC Insights

Understand rich fan and consumer preferences not available from any other source.


Product Development

Acquire valuable consumer research, plus product and category extension ideas, from the evolving fan product market.  


Brand Protection

Identify IP usage as the first critical step in any brand management program.  We locate IP uses so brands can easily review, evaluate and act.


Competitive Insights

Research traction and consumer preferences for competitive brands, franchises and properties.


Category / Pricing Analysis

Conduct category and pricing analyses for online products by brand, franchise or property.  


Maker (Fan) Identification

Identify and track top makers, influencers and brand ambassadors.  


UGC Monetization

Licensing and monetization opportunities are everywhere.  Find the right partners.  

Potential Counterfeit

Distinguish potential counterfeit from creative expressions of fandom for multi-faceted brand management strategies.  

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