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A UGC Recipe for Fans, Gear and Music Festivals

It’s Spring! That faint noise you hear is not birds chirping, but the collective panic of music fans scrambling to gear up for their favorite festivals. What t-shirts should they buy? And what exactly makes a great band or artist t-shirt, anyway? Using examples from various online marketplaces, Source3 is here to explain. It wasn’t… Read More

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When UGC Goes to Washington

What is it with hats- user-generated hats, to be exact- and this election cycle? Here at Source3, we noticed two significant trends in headgear: the famed “Pussyhat” and the now iconic “Make America Great Again” cap from the Trump campaign. Let’s discuss, then, what happens when user-generated content (UGC) goes to Washington. On January 21st,… Read More

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Who Owns The Future Of Design?

(This article was co-written by Marcus Moore and Janki Gause.) On February 24, 2017, Source3 was invited to join A/D/O Designer-in-Residence and industrial designer, Stephen Burks with Ginvile Ramanauskite from 3D design platform CGTtrader in a panel discussion. The discussion took place at A/D/O, a BMW MINI sponsored creative space located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn dedicated… Read More

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Source3 is bringing South Park to 3D Printing!

ATTENTION South Park super fans, technophiles and collectible geeks – For the first time, you will be able to purchase some of your favorite South Park characters previously unavailable in physical form. Source3 has launched a collector-inspired line of South Park characters presented in full-color 3D prints,  featuring year-round introductions of new and old characters…. Read More

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Source3 is proud to partner with the US Army!

  We are proud to announce our latest partnership with the U.S. Army  to create customizable 3D printed keepsakes. We are excited to be part of a prestigious license program that celebrates the values, history, and spirit of the U.S. Army and its Soldiers. We are also excited to work closely with Beanstalk, a leading… Read More

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