Source3’s customizable licensing platform enables the creation and monetization of user generated content. Source3 staff are licensing experts with a combined 50+ years of licensing experience. We have processed and paid hundreds of millions in licensed royalties over our careers.

Source3 offers licensing solutions that connect marketplaces and brands at scale. Licensing services are available for stand-alone projects, or in conjunction with IP recognition and Brand Insights services.

For Marketplaces

  • Licensing tools, including license opt-ins and “sand-box” scalable product approval systems, that license brand properties at scale
  • White-glove licensing service for top brands
  • Extensive experience obtaining licenses for user generated content
  • Data-driven licensing pipeline prioritization
  • Strategic guidance
  • License compliance and royalty reporting and administration

For Brands

  • Leverage the creative power of fan engagement at scale
  • Capture additional revenue by licensing new and unmonetized properties, viral events and fast-moving memes
  • Generate millions of impressions and expand global reach
  • Out-compete, minimize and marginalize unauthorized user-created products
  • Circumvent traditional retail and manufacturing challenges, including long lead times, crowded retail environments and mis-timed product-market fit
  • Receive transparent, aggregated analytics and royalty reporting across seller marketplaces