I am Negan. I am Indeed a Smarty Pants.

AMC’s The Walking Dead just wrapped up Season 7 and what a season it was! Although this season’s overall viewership saw a slight decline, Negan, our new favorite villain, gave fans plenty to cheer about.

Characters, costumes, and props have a key role in why fans love a show. Negan’s leather jacket, menacing baseball bat, and one-liners make us love and hate everything about him. He is someone you truly fear but can’t wait to see again. Negan’s terrifying personality isn’t easy to translate into merchandise, but fans seem to have successfully captured the essence of his character through a range of creatively made products, many of which include unique mash-ups with other fan-favorite brands.

Brands always seek to capitalize on a show’s – or an aspect of a show’s – peak popularity.  Embracing and even licensing and monetizing fan products is one way that brands can understand, and maximize, crucial moments of popularity.  AMC has already established a precedent of embracing fan art.  In our opinion, embracing fan products is a logical progression.

Our IP database maps each entity- like Negan- and how he connects throughout the franchise itself. We are able to keep up with fan-made products across online marketplaces – whether they feature bloody bats, hungry zombies, vicious villains or flawed-but-noble heroes. The Brand Insights platform uses our IP database to recognize all forms of brand IP in fan-made products.


Want to know more about Negan- or any other character in user-generated products? Let’s chat.

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